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TRADEMARKS - Concept and utility

The trademark is the oldest, but also the most widespread industrial property object. Even if there are controversies about its origin, the role and functions that the trademark has in the contemporary economy are very well defined.

Currently, both the traders and the consumers are dependent on the affixation and knowledge of certain signs that lead to the identification of goods or services.

From the buyer's perspective, the trademark is a determining element in the decision to purchase.

From the perspective of the producer or trader, the trademark grants the premises of the individualization of his products, while guaranteeing, in time, an extended recognition of their quality and protecting him against the possible illegitimate uses.

Thus, the mark is not a mere industrial property object, but an absolutely necessary and essential one to any performant economic activity.

Mainly, any distinctive sign can be registered as a trademark, in compliance with the legal requirements in force. These can be words, person's names, drawings, letters, figures, figurative elements, three-dimensional forms, shapes of products and any other combinations able to comply with the admitted norms.